Floor Tape For All Environments

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Floor Tape For All Environments. 

With the changing and relaxation of social distancing rules, the layout plan for your office, shop, factory or warehouse may be changing or modified. 

We have floor tapes for all of your layouts. 

  • A printed floor tape, with the Please Keep Your Distance - Stay Safe text. 

This tape has the advantage of being able to enforce your social distancing message, but without a specific distance printed on it. This can be used in your 1mPlus environments, where achieving a 2m space is not possible. 

  • Where 2m is possible 

We have stock of a tape with the text, Please Keep A Safe Distance Of 2 Metres. Ideal for marking out 2m spaces, or creating walkways from, helping to direct the flow of staff or customers.  

  • Generic Black/Yellow Hazard Floor Tape  

Where you do not require a printed message, the traditional hazard floor tape can be used. This allows for blocked off areas, or for creating walkways from.  

At PH Flexible Packaging we are maintaining 2m social distancing throughout the whole site for the foreseeable future.  

You can order online, through email or call to discuss your requirements. 

Online www.PackagingGB.co.uk 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 01283 551050