Expert Manufacturers and Suppliers of a Variety of Packaging Products

Manufacturers of Bubble Wrap, Bubble Bags, Foam Bags and Cardboard Boxes

PH Flexible Packaging are a Derbyshire based packaging manufacturer who have recently celebrated 30 years in business. We offer a range of packaging products and items to solve your packaging requirements.


We have the capability to create bespoke sized bubble wrap, bubble bags and foam bags for your business, helping to protect your products through storage to dispatch and supply a full range of packaging products from strapping and pallet wrapping equipment to Jiffy bags and cardboard boxes.

A recent machine acquisition allows use to create bespoke sized cardboard boxes without the need for tooling costs. Allowing for the perfect sized box to be created from fan folded cardboard, producing a saving on space and costs for you. For all of your packaging requirements, contact PH Flexible today.

Our bespoke cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping or storing products in. The ability to make every box to the optimum size creates savings on transport costs and warehouse space. 

We now provide a range of social distancing products, you can view our brochure here, or purchase online at

To find out more, please get in touch at 01283 551050 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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